Lead Tech made the decision to move to Pool Business Park, from our previous premises in Otley, in the first half of 2016. As the company grew, and with ambitious future plans, we needed a sustainable office solution, not just for the short term, but for the years ahead.

The management team at Pool Business Park have been helpful and hands-on from our first meeting, through to the official October 2016 move, and their attentive service has continued ever since. Whenever we’ve needed something, they’ve delivered. From an empty shell, they’ve created an office space that fits our vision and values, and allows our business to keep growing.

As with any big move of this kind, there were some teething problems ahead of the move. But the management dealt with these swiftly and efficiently, and never left us in the dark.

In fact, moving to the new office has had a noticeably positive effect on the team overall. The modern and clean interior has allowed us to enjoy a fresh start. Open plan office space and well-equipped communal areas have increased morale and produced a more tight-knit team. And the stunning views of the Yorkshire countryside won’t ever get old, and have even sparking some interesting office debate: was that really a raft of otters we saw?


Our clients love the office too. We’ve had some incredibly positive comments, from new clients who are impressed by the operation we run, and old clients who can see just how far we’ve come in the last couple of years.


Moving to Pool Business Park has allowed us to rival many of the impressive contemporary offices seen not just in Leeds and the UK, but across the world.

Our commercial photography operation has enjoyed 6 years within the business park. The buildings character and stunning views over the River Wharfe, mixed with modern fixtures and fittings make it one of the best locations outside of the city center for our clients to visit and work in. 

'Proof is in the pudding', as we recently moved within the park from one of their 1700 soft units to a larger 3500 sq ft unit knowing that we wished to stay indefinitely to grow the business.

- S.Hylton

We moved into Pool Business Park in May this year and we have not looked back, the site team were very flexible with our moving arrangements and made every effort to make us feel welcome. We have found the setup to be slick and secure and the environment motivating to work in.

Our staff have 24 hour access to the unit which has been invaluable. We would recommend the facility at Pool Business Park to anyone looking for new offices.


I.Bowers -